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Meet the three talented cosplayers representing France in the Overwatch Cosplay Battle.

Follow their progress while they craft their cosplay.

Magni Torbjörn

Torbjörn’s Magni skin was added to Overwatch in early 2018 and was inspired by the Dwarf King in World of Warcraft. The design features heavily ornamented armor and a majestic beard that will certainly put the skills of the French cosplay team to the test.

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Nad Cosplay

Nadia started her first cosplay in 2006 and won first place on the French TV show Cousu Main in 2016 and at MAGIC Monaco 2016, as well as second place at the 2016 Yamato Cosplay Cup in Brazil. She almost stepped forward to claim the second-place award in Monaco… but it turns out, that was for a different Nadia. Crushing news, until she heard the first-place winner! Her favorite Overwatch hero is Sombra.

Mélanie Aguiar

Mélanie Aguiar

Kiilys Cosplay

Mélanie started her first cosplay in July 2012 and has won her fair share of competitions since then, including the Blizzard Cosplay Contest at gamescom 2017, Gamers Assembly 2016 and 2018, the Japan Tours Festival, and more. She once had to run after a taxi in London wearing her Heroes of the Storm Johanna costume. Her favorite Overwatch heroes to play are Zarya, Mercy, and Orisa.

Pierre-Alexandre Geraert

Pierre-Alexandre Geraert


Pierre-Alexandre started dabbling in cosplay before his studies in 2007 and started up again in full force in 2013. He’s pretty experienced when it comes to Blizzard cosplay, having won first place in the Blizzard Cosplay Contest at gamescom 2014 as well as the costume contest at BlizzCon 2015. He has a twin brother, and his favorite Overwatch heroes are Torbjörn and Wrecking Ball.

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