Team Spain

Meet the three talented cosplayers representing Spain in the Overwatch Cosplay Battle.

Follow their progress while they craft their cosplay.

Baihu Genji

Genji’s Baihu skin entered the fray in the Overwatch Lunar New Year event in early 2018. With the design featuring a variety of elements like cloth, armor, plumes, glow effects, and two blades, the Spanish team will have to prove themselves as master crafters to put this cosplay together.

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Team Members

Diego Fonteriz

Diego Fonteriz


Diego has been cosplaying since 2014, and has won competitions at Comet-Con, Festival Metropoli Gijón, and Japan Weekend Madrid. He once finished a photoshoot as Sentai Genji and started to change out of his cosplay, when a huge mass of people walked in on him. Good thing he was still wearing his helmet. His favorite Overwatch hero is, of course, Genji.

Laura Sánchez

Laura Sánchez


Laura has been cosplaying since 2009 and won the Cosplay Championship at the Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016 for her mandalorian armor. Someone once took a picture of one of her video game cosplays for a friend… and that friend ended up being the game’s director, who tweeted her photo. Her favorite Overwatch hero is Moira.

Irene Marín Vega

Irene Marín Vega


Irene has been cosplaying for about six years and won the cosplay contest at ExpOtaku Almería two years in a row. She’s done several princess cosplays and loves playing along with all the children who ask their parents if she’s a real princess. Her favorite Overwatch hero is Mercy, with D.Va as a very close runner-up.

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