Team Russia

Meet the three talented cosplayers representing Russia in the Overwatch Cosplay Battle.

Follow their progress while they craft their cosplay.

Classic D.Va

D.Va, one of the original 21 Overwatch heroes that launched with the game in May 2016, needs no introduction. The Russian team will be cosplaying her classic skin, with the true challenge lying in recreating her massive Mech.

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Team Members

Irina Meier

Irina Meier


Irina is a model and cosplayer who’s been making costumes for eight years. She’s travelled around the world doing cosplay panels, and has experience judging contests in Italy, Germany, Mexico, Ecuador, and Russia. She’s also a huge fan of photography and loves creating photos and videos to show off her cosplays. Her favorite Overwatch heroes are Sombra and D.Va.

Grigoriy Ayrapetyan

Grigoriy Ayrapetyan


Grigoriy has been cosplaying since 2015 and is no stranger to competitions in Russia. His wins include Cosplay Star 2018, StarCon 2015 and 2017, and AVA Expo 2016. His favorite Overwatch hero is D.Va… or more precisely, her MEKA.

Yaroslav Rochniak

Yaroslav Rochniak


Yaroslav has been cosplaying for five years and has won competitions at StarCon 2018 and the Chaff festival in 2017. He’s a big fan of cosplays with sophisticated technology, and once spent a year creating a costume that included spinning lightsabers. His favorite Overwatch hero is Genji, for his impeccable style.

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