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Meet the three talented cosplayers representing the United Kingdom in the Overwatch Cosplay Battle.

Follow their progress while they craft their cosplay.

Forest Spirit Orisa

Orisa’s Forest Spirit skin, introduced to the game during the Overwatch Anniversary 2018 event, is sure to present a challenge for the UK team. The size alone makes any Orisa cosplay difficult to execute, and the organic elements of this design will add a whole other layer for the team to master.

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Team Members

Tabitha Lyons

Tabitha Lyons


Tabitha has been cosplaying since 2012 and was one of the first cosplayers to stream prop-making live on Twitch. Although this is her first time participating in a cosplay competition, she has plenty of experience judging them, including the European Cosplay Gathering and the television show King of the Nerds. Her favorite Overwatch heroes are Mercy and D.Va.

Nic Samiotis

Nic Samiotis


Nic has been cosplaying since 2012 and has previous experience judging competitions, although this is his first time participating in one. He once cosplayed a popular children’s show character, spent the day taking pictures with kids, and may have stepped on a few due to his costume’s poor peripheral vision. Torbjörn is his favorite Overwatch hero because he loves the epic beard.




Jem has been cosplaying for nearly five years and has a few competitions under her belt, including a win at the SunnyCon anime expo. She almost missed a contest once when she thought she’d made a mistake crafting her leg armor. Turns out she’d just mixed up her left and right legs. Her favorite Overwatch hero to play is Roadhog.

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