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Discover the amazing final cosplay from Team Germany for the Overwatch Cosplay Battle!

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Dragon Symmetra

The German team brought Symmetra's glowing Dragon skin to life, with an intricate custom head piece as well as detailed color schemes and transitions.

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Team Members

Elisabeth Marx

Elisabeth Marx

Artcore Cosplay

Elisabeth began creating costumes during her school breaks in 2014 and has been cosplaying professionally since 2017, including crafting weapons and costumes for a German TV production. She speaks out against stigmatizing mental health issues, body shaming, and mobbing, and advocates respect and kindness always. Her favorite Overwatch hero is Brigitte.

Lara Wegenaer

Lara Wegenaer


Lara has been cosplaying since 2013 and has plenty of experience with competitions, including first-place wins at MCM Hannover Comic Con and the Nintendo Cosplay Contest at Zürich Game Show, as well as second place overall at Zürich Game Show. She stood behind Angela Merkel at gamescom 2017 wearing a Mercy cosplay, and her favorite Overwatch hero is Widowmaker.

Sabrina Eickhoff

Sabrina Eickhoff

Monono Creative Arts

Sabrina has been cosplaying for three-and-a-half years and recently travelled to Seattle for the height of her cosplay career so far. She hasn’t participated in any competitions herself but has served as a judge. She enjoys working with Worbla materials and loves sharing her experience in workshop, tutorials, and even a book. Her favorite Overwatch heroes are Tracer and Ana.

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